Nile River Greatness

Nile River Greatness
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Saturday, January 16, 2010


by Mugume D. Rwakaringi
Age: 21 years
Hobbies: Design and Fashion, Basket ball and Listening to Music especially R n B
Best advice: To love every one
Role Model: Mother
Maital Status: Single

The newly crowned Miss Malaika Ajong has said that she will dedicate all her reign to preaching Love among Southern Sudanese.

The ever-smiling Miss Ajong while speaking to Nile Fortune in an exclusive interview said that she is going to embark on a 10 States tour all over South Sudan while preaching Sudanese to love each other. “Loving everyone is the best advice I have ever received in my life”, Ajong said. “I want Southerners to love each other.”

Ajong 1.78 Ft, won the contest from the 13 other finalists who were selected from the 25 contestants from all 10 Southern Sudan States. According to one of the Judges Mr. Daniel Deng; self composition, presentation, motivational speech and Traditional culture dance were the major points where Ajong won the 9 persons panel of Judges.

This she explained is crucial for bringing Unity and reduce the tribal tension that has characterized South Sudan.

Ajong says she is going to visit all the 10 States while studying first hand problems people are facing.
“You cannot get to know well the problems someone is having unless you come closer to him/her”,
Sudanese new queen explained.

A translation Student from Juba University, Khartoum, Ajong will have to forego studies this year if she is to achieve her objectives.

“I don’t think I can now manage to sit for my exams as well as fulfill my obligations as Miss Malaika”, Ajong who hails from Jonglei State explained.

Asked about her relationship Ajong smiles and jokingly says she is now engaged to her Country South Sudan. “I have to fulfill my responsibilities because I am a role model for many Sudanese girls”, She explains. Am now engaged to Miss Malaikaship, she politely answers.

The outgoing Miss Malaika Ms Nok Nora Duany expressed confidence in her replacement saying Ajong will very well fit in her shoes. “She is a student and willing to learn, she will surely deliver”, said Nok before adding; I will keep working with her.

Ajong says the best advice is from her father who advised her to love everyone. Her role model is her mother because of her responsibilities.

She says she will work to perfect her work such that parents can always support Miss Malaika. One of her key areas of focus will be to strive for girl’s education. Ajong says she is against bleaching because it deprives of African black beauty.
Miss Malaika is the name given to Miss South Sudan. Malaika means an angel.


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