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Nile River Greatness
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Saturday, January 16, 2010


• KCB to open branches in 10 South Sudan States

The Managing Director for Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Mr. Daniel Mavindu has said that despite the entrance in market of other banking institutions in South Sudan, his bank will beat off the competition and continue being the leading bank. The KCB MD also revealed that despite the economical crisis that hit the World early this year, his bank has been able to make profits. He had an exclusive interview with Nile Fortune, below are the excerpts:

Nile Fortune: What was the motivating factor for KCB to come to South Sudan?

Mavindu: there are various reasons; over the years we were providing Humanitarian support for Southern Sudanese especially those in Kenya as refugees and also those who were in South Sudan. Again there has been good relationship between South Sudan and Kenya so we had an obligation to come and provide our services. We also had also a strong belief of the availability of virgin market in South Sudan.

Nile Fortune: How have you been able to cope-up with the global-economic crisis?

Mavindu: We also had our share of the consequences of global economic downfall since our clients were affected in the last nine months. We however managed to cope thanks to our favourable loan policy and mortgaging.

Nile Fortune: The Southern Sudan investment law obliges the investor to employ at least 80% local staff, how will you fulfill this requirement?

Mavindu: KCB Sudan employs 75% local staff. We are optimistic that we will have achieved 80% requirement before the end of next year. Pauses… in fact as an MD, I will be pleased when KCB Sudan has a Southern Sudanese as the Chief Executive Officer in the next few years, we will beat 80% minimum. KCB has capacity building as one of its objectives.

Nile Fortune: Which Social responsibilities do you provide to Southern Sudan?

Mavindu: One of our values is to give back to the community. We support education in line with achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We have renovated and built several Primary Schools in Juba and Lainya since 2007, the recent being a Four Classroom primary School at Buluk and Jaraba whom we gave learning materials for the school and other facilities. We also support other areas such as health and environment.

Nile Fortune: How far in the housing project and how is it expected to impact Southern Sudan?

Mavindu: Well, this program is still on, we have completed the submitted our proposal to the Ministry of Housing and it is waiting approval by the cabinet and allocate land, once approved which we expect by next year, we will kick start. The houses will be constructed and mortgaged to Locals who will also be allowed to benefit from long term soft loans. Also the government will acquire these houses and also give them to people.

Nile Fortune: There has been the arrival of other Banking institutions in Southern Sudan. How will KCB be able to compete?

Mavindu: As KCB, We don’t fear competition. We have been operating in the region for over 100 years and we have our internal strategies in form of market leadership. We are the best importer friendly bank in the region, our money transfer systems is the best. We are not afraid at all about the competition. We are professionals providing the best services thus our customers cannot leave us for else where.

Nile Fortune: How can KCB client with an Account in KCB Burundi benefit from KCB while for example in Juba?

Mavindu: As KCB group, we are working on at harmonizing our services where by our client can be able to access his account in any country in the region. This has already been started for example inform of ATM where you can withdraw from your account from any branches. By June next year (2010) we will be having a common banking system (T 24). Our transfer system is already working; you can withdraw from your account in any of our branches in the region.

Nile Fortune: How many customers is KCB South Sudan presently having?

Mavindu: KCB South Sudan so far has 15000 clients but we are looking at the 800, 000 which we are optimistic on attaining.

The KCB Managing Director also revealed that KCB is planning to have many branches opened in South Sudan. Early next year there will be four branches in Juba while KCB is to have at least one Branch is each of the other nine States in Southern Sudan notably in Yambio, Bor, Wau, Aweil, Ajok and also a boarder branch at Nimule (on Uganda boarder with South Sudan).
Mr. Mavindu also called on the population to learn to start banking so as to benefit from loans, interest and other benefits provided by the bank.

Kenya Commercial Bank reported a marginal one per cent increase in pre-tax profit for the third-quarter….

Mr. Daniel Mavindu has a bachelor’s degree in Bachelors degree in Commerce specialising in accounting from Nairobi University. Has a 20 year experience in banking and other professional accounting certificates from institute of Public accounting, Kenya.

KCB (Sudan) Limited was incorporated in December 2005 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Kenya Commercial Bank and started operating May 2006.


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